Baptism Celebration
Relocated Inside
Two Services: 9 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.

Now we get to celebrate Baptism twice! Don’t let the rain keep you away because this will still be a great celebration as friends declare their faith in Christ during our normal Sunday service times at  9 & 10:45 a.m.

Because this is a momentous occasion, we want our entire church family to celebrate together! There will be no Awesome Adventure, fellowship groups, or student ministry programming taking place during these services.

Unfortunately, we have to cancel our picnic with food trucks. But don’t let that dampen the mood! This is a time to celebrate an important step for those being baptized within the church family!

Read about who will be baptized at each service: 

9 a.m.
– Alan Barnett
– Michael O’Flaherty
– Grace McConahy
– Matthew Spotts
– Abby Faro
– Robert Dresser
– Scott Shea
– Joy Dennstaedt
– Ryan Hartzel
– Amy Shea 
– Adelyn Shuff
– Brad Booth
– Brynn Ryan 
– Lauryn Shuff 
– Steven Dierwechter
– Marie Raup 

10:45 a.m.
– Dave Mills 
– Jordan Wiedman
– Hilary Hoover
– Tonya Mills
– Rachel Clark 
– Jeff Wickham 
– Julia Foster
– Megan Mansfield
– Jadon Niner
– Fayth Truong
– Craig Seig
– Katie Niner
– Eli Pettingell
– Carol Johnson 
– Mackenzie Feister
– Grace DeWitt
– Sally Kitchen 
– Sara Hrivnak
– Lila DeWitt 
– Taryn Blanchard