Your wedding is a sacred occasion and we would love to assist you on this very special day. We are available for premarital counseling and wedding ceremonies for members.

First steps
Contact Wedding Coordinator Amy Shea to schedule a consultation. Amy will review the details of your wedding with you, including the order of service. She will ensure that the rehearsal and ceremony preparations are in place and will be present to assist during these activities. Outside wedding coordinators are welcome and will work under the direction of the church.

Preparing for Marriage Course
Looking forward to getting married during this upcoming year? Come to discuss important issues in your marriage such as love and respect, finances, communication, intimacy, love languages, personality types, roles, and responsibilities. These classes are required if you are planning on being married at West Shore Free Church or by one of our pastors.
This course is offered two times per year through West Shore Free Church.  The spring session is a 7-week course offered on Sunday mornings while the fall is the same content over two days to catch those who may not have gotten into the spring class.  If timing allows, the spring class is preferred as it allows more time for discussion each week on the content presented. 

Dates: 2/14 – 3/28 at 9:30 a.m.
The cost is $75 per couple for books and materials provided.

Sign up for the class.
For more information, contact Vickie Guion.