Fellowship Groups

Groups that meet on Sunday

Fellowship Groups … vary in size (20-65) and composition (young adults, older adults, multigenerational, etc.), and meet Sunday mornings either at 9:00 AM or 10:45 AM. The focus is on learning and exploring how the Bible could and should shape our lives individually and together. Choose a group below by time or interest and simply show up or call the contact person who will be glad to be your host.

9:00 AM Groups

Target: Late 20’s – 30’s
Location: Room 200
Teachers: Dave Hiester, Zach Cheese, Ty Miller and Joel Ewer
Contacts: Ty Miller 443-5963 or Erica Cheese 798-5220
The group’s desire and mission is to love God by loving others. The name SixTen comes from Hebrews 6:10: “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

True North
Target: 30’s
Location: Room 224
Contacts: Ken Thompson, 379-2777, Chad Hunsberger, 503-2396 or Christine Valentine 798-3630
True North is a community linking around Jesus Christ — that fixed point by which we navigate our way through life. Join them as they explore His Word and commit themselves to one another.

Target: 18+ years
Location: Room 212-214
Contact: Dave Zimmerman; 620-2330, X112
The A-Team is called by God to minister to the spiritual and relational needs of intellectually disabled adults. A-Team also has an outreach mission to teach others of simplicity and joy of faith.

Target: Primarily 60+
Location: Room 204
Teachers: Various
Contacts: Gene and Emily Chase, 766-7904
This lively group mixes reaching out with a healthy amount of participation.

Target: 40-60s+
Location: Room 235
Contacts: Debbie Walz 717.691.5999, Rod Niner 717.635.5994
Friendly, caring, and eager to apply God’s Word to life challenges, LifeBuilders demonstrates their faith through tangible service to those in need.

Target: Multigenerational
Location: Room 141
Teacher: Dale Bluman
Contacts: Susan Stallings, 697-9399 or Dale Bluman, 249-1141, Group Website
Cornerstone combines prayer, in-depth studies of Scripture, and laughter to form strong bonds with each other.

10:45 AM Groups

Authentic Living
Location: Gym Stage
Teachers: Brent Wolgemuth and Jim Cole
Contacts: Brent and Jenice Wolgemuth, 795-8170
Comprising adults of all ages, the members of the Authentic Living group are striving to live authentic, Biblical Christianity in community with one another.

Family Circle
Location: Room 224
Teacher: Joel Brosius, Rob Pepper, Mark Clendaniel
Contact: Bryan Hoover, 599-1010
Family Circle is an active and welcoming community of parents. We study Scripture, encourage one another, and celebrate life together in and out of the classroom.

Location: Room 235
Primary Teacher: Mark Blanchard
Contacts: Nate & Connie Shuff 717.329.4452  or 717.645.0786
ABIDE is a community of Affectionate Believers In Deep Engagement who are striving together to set Christ at the center of our affections and thereby impact our culture for the Glory of God.  We encourage one another to this end through strong biblical teaching, fervent prayer, regular fellowship and outreach events.

Location: Room 200
Leaders: John and Terry Nesbitt with the LOGOS leadership team
Contacts: John and Terry Nesbitt, 379-0226
LOGOS is a welcoming, multigenerational group whose desire is to build community and transform lives by following the living Word (Christ) and studying the written word (Bible) together.

Location: Room 141
Contacts: Dave & Cheryl Balinski 717.732.1180, Jim & Nancy Makowski 717.497.4941
Tapestry is a multi-generational Fellowship Group, made up of people of all life stages. Our Sunday mornings include great Bible teaching, prayer, food and laughter. God is weaving our group together to form a tapestry of love. Join us as we connect our lives together. Colossians 2: 2-4 Msg. “I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ.”