We want all of our attendees to be a part of a caring community and find a sense of belonging, not just be another face in the crowd. LifeGroups are where this happens best. LifeGroups are a place where people experience Jesus and grow together in Christ. There are two assumptions with this goal: that people grow together, doing life together and communing together; and that they are growing in Christ – transformation happens in relationship with others.

LifeGroup Meetings

Each LifeGroup is different and unique like its members. We encourage groups to meet in homes or other relaxed settings. During the meetings, we ask groups to follow these 3 simple guidelines:
1. Spend time together and get to know each other to build deep relationships. We like to begin each LifeGroup by sharing faith stories.
2. Discuss Sunday’s sermon using questions and reflections provided. We desire LifeGroups to challenge each other to apply these sermons to their lives and grow spiritually together.
3. Take some time to pray for each other! It is very beneficial to hear each other’s burdens and praises week to week.

Want to try out a LifeGroup?

Our team will be in touch and connecting those interested in joining a LifeGroup. Don’t feel pressured that you are meeting people for life, but rather people you want to do life with. All we ask is that individuals make an 8-week commitment to meet together and get to know each other. We hope that after 8-weeks, the groups will continue, but there is no obligation.

If you’re interested in joining a LifeGroup, fill out this form! 
We will use this information to help connect you with a current LifeGroup that aligns with your interest and life stage. If we cannot find an open LifeGroup for you, we will also include you on our invitation email to our LifeGroup Launch events. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Dan Spino. 

LifeGroup Leader Guide

We are always looking for LifeGroup leaders so if you are interested in beginning your own group, feel free to let Dan know at!