1. What is a LifeGroup?
    LifeGroups are made up of 6 – 10 people who want to connect with others who attend West Shore Church to understand and apply the teachings from God’s word and grow together.
  1. Why should I join a LifeGroup?
    First, you’ll begin to understand the Bible better.  This is the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and apply the sermons taught on Sunday morning together.
    Second, you’ll BELONG to a part of a caring community, not just a face in the crowd.
    Third, you will know that group members are praying with you and for you.
  1. Do I need to be a member of West Shore Church to join a LifeGroup?
  1. How often does a LifeGroup meet?
    During this 8 week opportunity to explore LifeGroups we encourage groups to meet weekly.
  1. What if I’m unable to attend the Sunday morning service one week?
    The sermon can be listened to and downloaded. Just click here!
  1. How long does a newly formed LifeGroup stay together?
    We are grateful for commitments to explore LifeGroups for 8 weeks. When the commitment is over it is our hope that people will choose to continue with their group, however there is no obligation.
  1. What happens at a LifeGroup meeting?
    Each group is different but here are 3 common denominators.
    First, we encourage groups to simply spend time together and get to know each other, creating deep friendships.
    Second, the integral component is continued discussion and application of Sunday’s sermon, using questions for discussion and reflection provided.
    Third, groups have the opportunity to pray together.
  1. Where do LifeGroups meet?
    We encourage groups to meet in homes; this provides a comfortable, relaxed setting. Groups rotate host homes and facilitation so that the meetings don’t become a burden to anyone.
  1. Is childcare available?
    Every group deals with childcare in its own way. Some make arrangements for childcare together or take turns watching the children while other groups require each participant to make their own arrangements. We do encourage you, on occasion, to include the entire family in gatherings.
  1. Can I start my own group?
    YES!  We love it when people gather a couple of friends and form a group!  We will help get your group started and support you. For more information about starting a group contact Darva Kinney: