Welcome to Awesome Adventure!
The Children’s Ministry at West Shore Free Church

We call it Awesome Adventure because everything about Jesus is AWESOME and getting to know Him better and becoming like Him is an exciting, lifelong ADVENTURE!
Awesome Adventure partners with parents to lead children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and helps them seek the good of the West Shore and beyond through deep truth, deep lives, and deep love, for the glory of Christ.

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Awesome Adventure offers an abundance of ministries in addition to Sunday morning ministry, including  American Heritage Girls, Trail Life USA, Upward flag football, basketball, and cheerleading, a Wednesday ministry for 6th graders called FAZ 6, Vacation Bible School, a winter weekend retreat, and summer camps.

We are also deeply committed to both local and global outreach as a children’s ministry.  Locally, we have a weekly food distribution and after-school ministry to children in a nearby community.  We also do many activities during the year to heavily invest in the lives of these children and their families. Since 2003, Awesome Adventure has offered annual mission trips for 5th and 6th graders to Costa Rica, Honduras or the Dominican Republic.  Presenting a VBS-style ministry in public schools, shantytowns, a children’s hospital, local churches, and any other locations that open to us, students have had the opportunity to develop friendships and share the gospel with thousands of children.

If you want your children to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, if you want them to develop peer relationships that will have a positive impact on them, and if you would like them to be equipped to make a spiritual difference in the world, then come and visit Awesome Adventure!