Age Groups

Age Groups

Age appropriate: 2 and under

Offered during 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services

What we do.
We want your child’s first impressions of Jesus and His church to be a positive experience. That’s why our nursery doesn’t just provide babysitting or childcare. Rather, Awesome Adventure’s dedicated staff will help your child to learn about God’s wonderful creation, that he/she is special to God and how much God loves him/her.

How we do it.
Beginning when children are approximately 14 months old they are taught simple interactive Bible lessons whose themes change each month. Children receive lots of loving care and attention in the Awesome Adventure nursery. A wide assortment of age-appropriate toys, games, books, music and puzzles give children an opportunity to interact with their caregivers and peers, enjoy purposeful play, and develop their motor skills. If you’re concerned about your children becoming upset when you leave them, the caregivers will work with you to find the best way to comfort them. In most cases, crying stops a few moments after parents leave and becomes less common with regular attendance. If a child continues to cry after five or ten minutes, we contact the parents using their cell phone or our paging system.

Our facility
Our secure nursery environment is located on the upper level of the church, outside the sanctuary. Each nursery room is fully equipped and staffed. Changing stations are located in each room and bathroom facilities are near the rooms so caregivers never leave children unattended. The nursery rooms are fully carpeted, providing children with ample space to crawl and play. Cubbies are located in each room to store diaper bags and other items needed by the children. The nursery rooms, equipment, and toys are cleaned and sanitized on a weekly basis. A nursing mother’s room is located directly off the nursery lobby with comfortable rockers and a monitor to watch the worship service.

Within the rooms, we take great strides in providing a healthy environment. Changing tables are equipped with anti-bacterial soap and disposable gloves. The changing tables are disinfected after each use. New containers of clean toys are used for each service. Used toys are put away to be disinfected during the week. Crib sheets are removed and washed after use.

What to bring
We ask that you not bring any of your child’s favorite toys. Please put your child’s name on everything you bring so our caregivers can be sure they are returned. Awesome Adventure baggage tags are provided to identify each child’s diaper bag.

In the Butterfly Room (birth – 11 months) we will not feed your child any food other than what you have provided for them. Children in the other nursery rooms will receive a small snack. Please notify us of any food allergies your child may have so this can be identified on their identification badge.

Parents should bring their child’s personal items each week.

Diaper bag
Change of clothes
Bottle or sippy cup
Perhaps a favorite blanket for their comfort and security

For more, contact Heidi Mitchell, Preschool Coordinator, at 620-2330.

Age appropriate: 2 through 5 years

Offered during 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services

What we do
Awesome Adventure Preschool offers young children an exciting, interactive ministry filled with age-appropriate activities. Children are placed in their age-appropriate class on the first Sunday in September and remain in the same class for the entire year.

How we do it
Volunteers who know and love Jesus teach for nine months, September through May or every-other-month, so children are welcomed and taught each week by those with whom they have developed a loving relationship. Using Disciple Land curriculum:

-preschoolers bring home lesson pages and lots of projects so parents are equipped to continue the Bible teaching at home with their children.
-two and three-year-olds learn about the life of Jesus and what makes him so special.
-four year olds experience the major stories and people of the Old Testament and the important lessons they provide for us.
-five-year-olds explore the New Testament and learn how Jesus’ disciples and they themselves can serve Jesus.

Our facility
Awesome Adventure’s secure preschool area is located on the upper level of the church, outside the sanctuary. It is an exciting, interactive environment for children. Each classroom is identified by a jungle animal for easy recognition. Each room contains plenty of tables, child-sized chairs, supplies, puppets, and toys for a wide variety of learning activities that bring lessons to life. Bathrooms with child-sized toilets are connected to each room so children are never left unattended.

Classes offered
2 years old: Giraffe and Zebra, classes (upper level)
3 year olds: Elephant and Ostrich classes (upper level)
4 year olds: Gazelle and Cheetah classes (upper level)
5 year olds:Aardvark and Walrus classes (located in the elementary wing on the lower level)

For more, contact Kristin Pepper, Preschool Coordinator, at 620-2330, X159 or

Age appropriate: 1st through 6th grades

Offered during 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services

What we do
The Awesome Adventure Elementary ministry meets on the church’s lower level. Children participate in age-appropriate Bible classes where teachers use the DiscipleLand curriculum to teach interactive and memorable life lessons.

How we do it
Elementary teachers serve for nine months, September through May,or every other month so they develop meaningful relationships with students and serve as role models for how to live a life committed to Jesus Christ. Students receive weekly student pages so families can review lessons at home and continue the impact.

Classes offered
Awesome Adventure offers a variety of fun, interesting and challenging age-appropriate classes that encourage and empower our children to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Starting with first grade …

Electives offered
For students whose parents attend a worship service and another ministry on Sunday mornings, Awesome Adventure offers electives in addition to the Bible classes so they can attend a worship service with their parents and then a Bible class during the other service or they can attend a Bible class and then an elective. Kidz 4 Him choir for 1st-6th graders who present two musicals during the year and perform at other times.

Worship Adventure
In between Sunday morning services, elementary children can participate in Worship Adventure, a half-hour music and teaching time featuring a live band and designed to encourage kids to worship God. Worship Adventure is held in Room Y147 on the lower level.

For more, contact Anna Roberts, Elementary Coordinator, at 620-2330, X162 or