Your First Visit

Your First Visit to Awesome Adventure
The Nursery, Preschool, and Elementary Ministries of West Shore Free Church

A Positive Experience
We know that visiting a church for the first time can be a little overwhelming, especially for children, so we make every effort to create a positive experience for your child. For instance, we ask for an extended teaching commitment from our preschool and elementary level teachers so that children will see familiar faces from one week to the next. It is also likely that your child will recognize children they know through school, sports teams, or the neighborhood, which will help them to make new friends here at the church.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask the First-Time Family greeter who welcomes you. We hope your child loves Awesome Adventure so much that your family finds a home here at our church. Click here to learn about age-specific environments. 

What Door To Use
As you enter our church property from the Williams Grove entrance, please take a left as the road splits and park in the lower lot. Inside the lower entrance, a friendly team of greeters will be waiting to assist you to get your children registered and to their classes. Our nursery and preschool wings are located on the upper level of the church directly adjacent to the auditorium. Our elementary wing is near the lower level entrance to the church.

Check-In Your Children
With the help of our First-Time Family greeters, you will provide us with your family’s basic information. This information will help us to care for your child. You will only need to complete a registration form the first time you visit.

Your child will receive a name label with security code and any allergy information. You will receive a matching security label. Then one of our greeters will walk with you and your child to their classroom, where you will have the opportunity to see their class and briefly meet their teacher.

We provide children’s programming during and between both services every Sunday. If you will be involved in programs at our church throughout both service times, you can check your child into Awesome Adventure at the beginning of the first service and wait to pick them up until after the second service ends.

Pick Up Your Kids
At the end of your morning, you should return to the children’s wing where you dropped off your child. Please tell the registration attendant your child’s name and age or grade of your child. Your child will come out to the pick-up area near the registration desk. A volunteer will match-up your security card with your child’s name badge and release them to you.

Read about Safety and Security for more detailed information about our policies and procedures.