“As the Father has sent me, I also send you.” John 20:21

As a follower of Jesus have you come to think of yourself as a sent person?

Life really becomes meaningful when we embrace the call to join God in his mission to reach, rescue and renew all people and all things. In serving like Jesus, we want to be involved throughout the West Shore and beyond by helping people who are lonely, hurting, struggling and overwhelmed by the challenges of life to have a real experience of God’s love. We want to commit ourselves to care for men, women, and children from every background and ethnicity through sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus’ name and through acts of kindness that help people flourish. As we obey the Holy Spirit’s promptings, God will open up more and more opportunities for us to be involved both locally and across the world.

Say ‘yes’ to volunteering alongside one of our local partners in the amazing work they are doing Or prayerfully consider joining one of our missions teams to bring encouragement and love to some very difficult places around the world.

Step into one of these opportunities and God will show up in your life like never before.