Foodless Feast

Foodless Feast

Nov. 20 & 21

Help raise awareness and funds to fight hunger both locally and globally through Foodless Feast, the annual Senior High 30 hour fast (give up solid food and drink only liquids.) Students raise funds through sponsors which will be distributed to Aurora Primary School in South Africa as well as Wildheart Ministries in Harrisburg, PA. 

What The Week Will Look Like

Each day of the week leading up to Foodless Feast (Nov. 16-20) students will be able to read online devotionals from their peers and complete daily “challenge tasks.” If students complete all devotionals and challenges, they will earn a Foodless Feast 2020 t-shirt. Journals must be submitted Friday night for proof of completion.  

8 a.m. – Fasting Begins 
6 p.m. – Meet at church for games & worship
8:30 p.m. – Go home to sleep in cardboard boxes*

8 a.m. – Meet at church/serve at Wildheart Ministries 
1:30 p.m. – Pick up from church 
2 p.m. – Fast Ends (students may break the fast individually or with LifeGroups) 

*Due to COVID regulations, students will not sleep at the church in cardboard boxes on Friday night (as was done in years past) but will instead be encouraged to do so at their own homes. 

In order to participate in Foodless Feast events, the following two waivers must be completed and submitted upon arrival:   
Participation Waiver (Everyone)
Student WildHeart Waiver | Adult WildHeart Waiver

Give to Foodless Feast

Choose “Give One Time” and “Foodless Feast in the drop-down menu. Continue to follow the guided steps. 

Students will be collecting donations on Sun, Nov. 5, 8, 12, & 15 at the doors. 

Checks should be made payable to “West Shore Free Church” and denote “Foodless Feast” in the memo line. 

Only gifts online or checks will be reflected on your end of year giving statement.

Thank you for your generosity and partnership to move the needle with the issue of hunger.

Wildheart Ministries is a transformative community of believers committed to empowering others to pioneer love in their cities and nations. Located in the heart of Allison Hill in Harrisburg, PA, Wildheart is focused on restoring and beautifying the community, while empowering its residents to break the chains and cycle of poverty. Local churches, ministries, and youth groups (including our own) have served with Wildheart in the past and been encouraged by the gospel-centered work they are doing. Learn more about their mission! 

– Personal water bottle 
– Old, warm clothes for service projects (Saturday morning) 
– Work Gloves (Saturday morning) 
– Closed-toe Shoes 
– Bible & journal (Friday night)