Training Arenas

Sunday Mornings: March 24 – April 14
(Locations are subject to change week two.)
Training Arenas help us live Christian lives, every day in all contexts. Teams of gifted teachers lead discussions on highly relevant topics to “go next door” with wisdom, courage, and Christ’s love.

9 a.m. Service

“Reviving Evangelism” in an Age of Fearing Offense | Room 200-202
Barna Group just released Reviving Evangelism, which has been called a “clear-eyed assessment of Christian evangelism in America today.” We’ll explore what adjustments Christians need to make for faithful gospel-sharing. The report will invite lively conversation and sobering moments that challenge what we think the world thinks about us.
Teacher: Pastor Ryan Keith

Stories that Shape Our Faith | Room 235
What does it mean to live by faith? How do we navigate leadership, relationship, and life-transition with confidence in God and His promises? How does living by faith create opportunities to share hope with others? Both men and women will be encouraged as we learn from the stories of “Four Women in Scripture” who lived and led by faith!
Teachers: Renee Blanchard and Toni Turoff

God and My Emotions | Room 215
If Philippians 4 tells us to be anxious about nothing, then why do we still get anxious? And if 1 Thessalonians 5 tells us to always be joyful, why must we so often fight depression? This Arena will give you a better understanding of your emotions—what they are and how they point to God.
Teacher: Jason Shapiro (with Kim Winters)

10:45 a.m. Service

Who Do You Say That I Am? | Room 224
Jesus once asked his disciples, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?” Generations have rightly wrestled with this—arguably the most important question in all history—who was (and is) Jesus Christ? We will explore historical and contemporary answers; the identity of Jesus, Old & New Testaments, revealed in his life, death, resurrection, and never-ending mission.
Teachers: Dr. Rob Pepper, Mark Clendaniel, and Dr. Joel Brosius

Earning a Hearing: Becoming a Marketplace Disciplemaker | Room 215
We spend most of our lives working—at home, at the office, or from Starbucks. As one person wrote, “Do we want that time to be wasted and underutilized, or do we want to discover how to make that time fully honor the Lord?” Christ-followers need to be witnesses outside the church walls. How do we become living proof of the gospel in the marketplace?
Teacher: Dr. Tony Beckett, Area Director for Christian Business Men Connection

Moral Leadership in the Postmodern Age | Room 235
Over generations communities have looked to educational institutions to holistically— and more and more exclusively—educate children toward “moral character,” but what should that character look and sound like in a postmodern world…even if (and when) it runs contrary to everything we see and hear?
Teacher: Karen Harrington, Former Director of Children’s Ministries, West Shore Free Church

Biblical Manhood & Womanhood | Room 200-202
Within today’s America, what does the Bible say about Manhood and Womanhood? What does it look like for women and men to be “Kingdom Centered” as they live their multi-faceted lives, regard one another, and interact with one another inside our cultural context each day?
Teachers: Eddie & Jessica Cole (with Nate & Kim Winters)