Training Arenas

Training Arenas
Sunday Mornings in October
(Locations are subject to change week two.)

Training Arenas help us live Christian lives, every day in all contexts. Teams of gifted teachers lead discussions on highly relevant topics to “go next door” with wisdom, courage, and Christ’s love.

9 a.m. Classes

The Struggle is Real: Christian Teenager Perspective
What is it like to be a Christian teenager in 2019? The church’s high school students will talk about the experiences, struggles, and opportunities they encounter daily in four main areas: school life, home life, social life, and “virtual” life. This is an opportunity for people of every generation to learn together by putting themselves in the shoes of Generation Z.
Teachers: Senior High Student Leadership Team | Room 215

Shaped to Serve
God has masterfully designed you for specific ministry to build up the body of Christ and expand His Kingdom! Over the four weeks, explore and discover how God desires to use your unique S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual gifts; Heart/passion; Abilities; Personality; & Experiences.) 
Teachers: John & Terry Nesbitt, Tim Ryan, & Ty Miller | Room 224

Avoiding Isolation: The Importance of Doing Life with Others
We will explore the benefits and biblical call of doing life in intentional groups where we grow in Christ together! This is a great session for those leading a LifeGroup or interested in leading one or simply interested in how to do a LifeGroup and other group-based ministries well.
Teachers: Dan Spino, Ken Thompson & LifeGroup Leaders | Room 235

Who Will Find Them First? Foster Care, Its Roots, and Our Response
We’ll explore foster care, why there’s a local crisis and a roadmap for hope. As our church focuses on foster care for our first strategic initiative, we will equip you to discern your next step and better understand our neighbors. Through scripture and interviews with people in our church and around the region, we’ll equip one another to neighbor well.
Teachers: Ryan Keith & Renée Blanchard | Room 204

10:45 a.m. Classes

FACE TO FACE: Seven Keys to a Secure Marriage
Do you know the fundamental need of every hurting spouse? Would you like to draw closer to your spouse and turn conflict into growth opportunity? Together we will study the wonders of God’s Attachment Design for connecting and building greater security in marriage, always remembering that He will “never leave you or forsake you.” 
Teacher: Dr. Jesse Gill | Room 224

Haggai and the Great Pursuit: Ancient Lessons for a Modern Day
Sixth century B.C. prophet Haggai delivers four bold messages for the people of Israel recently returned from a period of exile in Babylon. For 20 years the people rebuild, but drift, losing focus on their purpose as the people of God. As Haggai addresses their challenges and choices, so similar to our own, we’ll see how to better face our current cultural context.
Teacher: Mark Blanchard | Room 235

Legal Challenges to Religious Liberty in a Post-Christian Culture
Two lawyers will cover recent legal trends and key decisions where governmental interests collide with individual religious freedom. First Amendment protections vs. an aggressively secular culture…how can Christians engage without fear; defend truth, in love; seek legal equality for all faiths, while unapologetically proclaiming the Gospel?
Teachers: Tony Lucido & Carl Lundblad | Room 200-202

Loving Hurt People
How do I walk with a friend who is severely depressed, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or the victim of abuse or violent crime? How do I keep going without suffering burnout, loss, and caregiver fatigue? We’ll address these questions and more, offering wisdom and encouragement to the loved ones and friends of the weak and wounded.
Teacher: Kim Winters | Room 215