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January 7- January 28, 2018 | Sunday Mornings
(Training locations subject to change on Week Two.)

Training Arenas are all about helping West Shore Christians live Christian lives—every day—at home, at church, at work and in our world! They are for those who yearn for a heart that wants to “go next door” with wisdom, courage, and Christ’s love.
They are meant to train us: teams of gifted teachers leading discussions on highly relevant topics and from areas of expertise over four Sunday mornings. They are meant as arenas: places where men and women can come off the sidelines and step into action—engaging one another during class and inspiring one another to “put it into practice” during the week.
They are meant for all of us. Just imagine what God will accomplish through us as we train and grow together!

9:00 am

Uncomfortable Choices

In the muddled morality of our day, the question of, “is it right or is it wrong,” is asked less frequently. For the follower of Christ, that question needs to be asked still. And not everyone will agree on the answer every time. So, we have freedom in Christ but questions remain: what about friends disagreeing with me, “questionable” decisions in my life, “legalism,” and the potential “abuse” of Christian liberty? These are questions for today!
Teacher: Dr. Tony Beckett
Rooms 141

SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME: Building Bridges Instead of Barriers

“My co-worker is a Buddhist.” “My son waits for the school bus with some Muslim kids.” “I want to love my neighbors and even though they are Americans like me, we are just so different.” Are there people in your life you would like to reach out to, but something gets in the way? We will learn how to build relational bridges –genuine friendships – as we explore cultural values, shame & honor, and crossing the socio-economic divide.

Teachers: Paul and Nancy Mauger
Room 235

Both 9:00 & 10:45 am

Christian Politics?
How should Christians engage in politics?  We will examine the historical roots of Christian participation in politics today as well as some popular approaches to Christian political activity.  We will think together about how we can be Christian citizens in a way that replaces fear with hope, the pursuit of power with humility, and nostalgia for the past with a healthier view of changes taking place in the moral life of the United States.

Teacher:  Dr. John Fea
Rooms 200-202

The Word of God: Trust and Obey – is there another way?

Can we live an authentic Christian life without believing in the authoritative word of God?   We will look at the Bible’s authority and its role in the life of an authentic, committed follower of Jesus.  We will see past and present responses to the Bible, and its future role.  We’ll discover evidence for the reliability of Scripture, and why it must form the central focus and foundation for the everyday life of all Christians.

Teachers:  Dr. Joel Brosius, Mark Clendaniel, and Dr. Rob Pepper
Room 224

10:45 am

MICAH: Understanding the Anger of God

If God is love, how can He be angry? And if He’s angry, how can He express it without contradicting His love? Understanding God as He is includes appreciating how the anger of God complements His goodness and love. Join us as we explore deep truth in this Old Testament prophecy in order to be better prepared to address misconceptions about our God and Father.

Teacher: Mrs. Terry Nesbitt
Room 235

Christians, Families and Sports…Are we any different?

Who are you as you watch, play or coach a sport? How does sport affect your family? Does your enjoyment of sports increase your affection for God? Is sport sanctifying you? As we develop a biblical foundation for sport involvement our desire is not to diminish your love for sports, but to re-frame your perspective of sports – to begin to use them as the “good gifts” from Jesus through which we can honor and glorify Him!

Teachers: Aaron Faro and Mike Russ
Room 141

The Gospel & Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking? How does it work? Where and when is it happening? What does the Gospel of Jesus tell us about slavery? How do we stay safe online? How can we get involved in good ways that really matter? We’ll explore answers to these questions amidst an ongoing, terrible reality that is closer than we may realize.

Teachers: George and Noelle Romanacce
Room 215

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