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April 2 – April 30, 2017 (excluding Easter, April 16) | Sunday Mornings
(Training locations subject to change on Week Two.)

Training Arenas are all about helping West Shore Christians live Christian lives—every day—at home, at church, at work and in our world! They are for those who yearn for a heart that wants to “go next door” with wisdom, courage, and Christ’s love.
They are meant to train us: teams of gifted teachers leading discussions on highly relevant topics and from areas of expertise over four Sunday mornings. They are meant as arenas: places where men and women can come off the sidelines and step into action—engaging one another during class and inspiring one another to “put it into practice” during the week.
They are meant for all of us. Just imagine what God will accomplish through us as we train and grow together!

Navigating Challenging Life Transitions

Life in the 21st century moves at an unprecedented pace, and whether you love change or value stability, we are all affected by changes in our life circumstances: children growing up and leaving home (or not!); the effects of aging and caring for aging loved ones; changes in career or loss of a job; and loss of a loved one. We will face all of these sooner or later. How do we cope? What help does the Word of God offer? And what have others found to be helpful in navigating life changes? This arena will face squarely the challenges of changing life circumstances, and we’ll hear from others how they have found a way to navigate their own challenges.

9:00 AM
Teachers:  Dan Lundblad, Phil Lawlis, Mike Blount, Beth Clark  (WSEFC Counseling Team)
Room 141

New Steps in Prayer Ministry

As followers of Jesus, prayer is a most important activity. “Prayer ministry” is specifically the act of bringing a person to Jesus for Him to touch. What are the different ways the Holy Spirit leads us in how to pray? Is it OK to pray with someone before they even believe? Can we have confidence that God will demonstrate His love and presence through our prayers? This arena will combine Biblical teaching with “hands-on” learning on how to hear the Holy Spirit’s promptings when we pray for people in a witnessing context.

9:00 AM
Teachers:  Renée Blanchard & Ian Campbell
Room 224

Unpacking Four Contemporary Issues

EVANGELICALS:  Are we really everything they say we are? Dr. Rob Pepper | April 2
SEXUALITY:  Loving well without celebrating sin… how? Dr. Joel Brosius | April 9
DRUGS:  Marijuana, Heroin, Rx meds… an American overdose? Kim Winters | April 23
POLITICS:  My side, their side, or God’s side? Mark Clendaniel | April 30

9:00 AM & 10:45 AM
Rooms 200-202

Seeing Through Contemporary Media

Examining four expressions:
HOLLYWOOD:  We watch what they watch. So what? Sam Van Eman |  April 2
SOCIAL MEDIA:  Posts, likes, shares… who are you following? Keith Quesenberry |  April 9
ADVERTISING:  Heaven is on sale but what are we buying? Sam Van Eman |  April 23
FAKE NEWS:  Is it really that new, and what is truth? Keith Quesenberry |  April 30

9:00 AM & 10:45 AM
Room 147

Forgiven & Forgiving

What is forgiveness (and what is it not)? How do followers of Jesus approach forgiveness, conflict, reconciliation and repentance? How can we prepare ourselves to pursue forgiveness when we are wronged and when we wrong others? We will study Biblical teachings on forgiveness and examine current real-life scenarios including the conflict in Northern Ireland and the Amish schoolhouse deaths at Nickel Mines.

10:45 AM
Teachers: Nate and Ellen Shaffer
Room 235

The Gospel and Race Relations

Taking a look at the Gospel’s impact and model for how we should listen, lean in and love all people. What is God’s design for how we should relate to all people? Do we see God’s ideal in our current cultural setting? Does the Bible give us direction for how we should engage in racial reconciliation? In this Training Arena we’ll look at race relations in our culture and how the church can and should engage in the conversation.

10:45 AM
Teacher:  Amanda Thompson
Room 141

TOUGH QUESTION (Revisited): Why suffering & evil?

Tough questions have hit all of us at some point. In this arena we will address what may be the toughest question of all: why do the innocent suffer and why doesn’t God intervene? We’ll also touch on mental illness, and provide tips for responding to unbelieving friends who have tough questions. (First taught in February 2016.)

10:45 AM
Teachers: John and Terry Nesbitt
Room 215


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