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October 1 –October 22, 2017 | Sunday Mornings
(Training locations subject to change on Week Two.)

Training Arenas are all about helping West Shore Christians live Christian lives—every day—at home, at church, at work and in our world! They are for those who yearn for a heart that wants to “go next door” with wisdom, courage, and Christ’s love.
They are meant to train us: teams of gifted teachers leading discussions on highly relevant topics and from areas of expertise over four Sunday mornings. They are meant as arenas: places where men and women can come off the sidelines and step into action—engaging one another during class and inspiring one another to “put it into practice” during the week.
They are meant for all of us. Just imagine what God will accomplish through us as we train and grow together!

Both 9:00 & 10:45 am

Understanding Drugs, Addiction and Recovery

According to recent estimates 59,000 people died from a drug overdose last year and that number will only climb dramatically next year. What can we do about it? We’ll cover current basics about marijuana, heroin, stimulants, hallucinogens and alcohol; national, state and local trends and changing laws. We will also discuss addiction and recovery, including how to keep on loving in response to the unhealthy choices being made all around you.

Teachers:  Kim Winters & Troy McNair
Rooms 215

Habakkuk: Where is God When Nothing Makes Sense?

Habakkuk knew confusion and doubt. God was nowhere to be found. So, Habakkuk,almost crushed in spirit, questioned God. Through this Old Testament study of the prophet’s encounter with God we will see a powerful message of hope in the midst of doubt, and confidence in the midst of confusion. A short book that begins with a big question mark and ends with an emphatic exclamation point!

Teachers:  Mark Blanchard & Tony Lucido
Room 224

HERESY: Discerning Truth & Error

The Living Word (Jesus) and the written word (Bible) are the truth that sets us free! Unfortunately, God’s truth has been under attack since the Garden of Eden. Heresy is the lie that masquerades as the truth. When and how did error creep into the Church? How does heresy manifest itself today? Our goal is to be equipped to “see” the lie, as well as to know, preserve and proclaim the truth.

Teacher: John Nesbitt
Rooms 141

The Bible and “Your” Money

Financially speaking, is your life in order? How do you integrate your faith with your day-to-day financial realities? In our four weeks we will look at: (1) how to get our spending organized, (2) how to deal with debt and other financial roadblocks, (3) how to give with impact and (4) how to develop a long-range plan. Hope and joy can be found in a Biblical view and practice of…money!

Teachers: Matt Krise & Ned Davis
Room 235

10:45 am

Who is my Neighbor? Refugees and Immigrants

The global refugee crisis is a compelling opportunity for the church to make a difference. How should followers of Jesus respond to displaced people? Is this a faith issue? What if they’re a world away? What if they’ve moved in next door? As we explore Biblical foundations for responding to the vulnerable/foreigner, and to the current crisis, and as we hear stories from around the world…what will our role become?

Teachers: Ellen Shaffer, Ian Campbell, Dick Morrison
Room 200-202

Christian Bioethics

Abortion, In-Vitro Fertilization, “Designer Children”, Physician-Assisted Suicide. Today more than ever Christians face a bewildering array of new technologies. How should the Church, and we as individuals, respond? During our time together, we will explore these and other difficult topics and discuss their implications for helping us to make intelligent and informed ethical decisions.

Teacher:  Dr. Jim Makowski
Room Sr. High Room (226)

Bridging Generational Differences

No single generation is exactly like another, and “the next generation” can be so different than our own! How can the Church unite different generations in order to unleash greater spiritual potential? Through teaching, group and panel discussions, we will discover how different generations experience truth, identity and meaning; and look at how to discuss our Christian convictions across our varying generations.

Teacher: Jason Barthelemy
Room 204

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