Training Arenas

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April 8-29, 2018 | Sunday Mornings
(Training locations subject to change on Week Two.)

Training Arenas are all about helping West Shore Christians live Christian lives—every day—at home, at church, at work and in our world! They are for those who yearn for a heart that wants to “go next door” with wisdom, courage, and Christ’s love. They are meant to train us: teams of gifted teachers leading discussions on highly relevant topics and from areas of expertise over four Sunday mornings. They are meant as arenas: places where men and women can come off the sidelines and step into action—engaging one another during class and inspiring one another to “put it into practice” during the week. They are meant for all of us. Just imagine what God will accomplish through us as we train and grow together!

9:00 a.m.

Facing Our Fears – Practical Ways to Identify and Deal with Anxiety                      

The Bible commands us to not be afraid, and yet so many of us are all too familiar with the experience of racing hearts, outbursts of anger, churning stomachs and sleeplessness.  Why is that?  We’ll discover the differences between normal stress, anxiety, paralyzing fear and brain disorder.  Learn why we fear the things we fear and what a healthy response to those fears might look like for YOU.

Teacher: Kim Winters
Room 215

Both 9:00 & 10:45 am

Creation & Evolution: Christianity and Science Speak

Constantly we hear that science and Christianity are adversaries -mutually exclusive- often the assertion being that the facts of science trump the faith of Christianity.  Emotion and confusion abound.  So, what are the facts, what are the myths, and how can we know the difference?  And how can we engage others about this topic in a loving, non-offensive and knowledgeable manner?

Teachers: Dave Armstrong
Room 141

A Christian Response to the Polarization of American Culture                      

Is America spinning out of control?   It can be terrifying to contemplate.  Many Christians, in fear, are joining the growing group of “culture warriors.”   Yet, how do we move from the culture warrior mindset to a Christ-centered mindset of influencing the world as “salt and light”? Topics will include Individualism vs. Community, Reason vs. Faith, Speaking vs. Listening, and Avenging vs. Forgiving.

Teachers: Dr. Joel Brosius, Mark Clendaniel, Dr. Rob Pepper
Room 200-202

10:45 am

Redemptive History: A Walk through the Bible               

The Bible can be so intimidating, so confusing!   Why all the different books?   Do they all connect with one another?   Is it all still relevant today?   The truth is that all the books of the Bible work together to tell one cohesive story: the story of God redeeming a broken world through his Son Jesus.   From Genesis to Revelation, we’ll see how each part of Scripture fits into God’s amazing plan of redemption!

Teacher: Dave Hiester
Room 235

From Disciple to Disciplemaker                                                                                

We all want to be disciples of Jesus Christ; yet, more than that, Jesus wants us to be disciples who make disciples who make disciples!   So, what does a “disciplemaker” look like?   Where to begin the process?   How do we engage “pre-Christians,” stepping into conversations with people we may not know well?   How do we establish and equip new Believers?  And how do we help them expand their own ministries?

Teachers: Jessica Cole, Renée Blanchard
Room 224

The Right Glasses: Worldview Training                                                  

You need the right glasses if you’re going to see the world clearly!  In this Arena we will unpack what makes up a worldview, learn why a Biblical worldview is best, and learn how Christians can engage with other worldviews in light of current events, trends and popular beliefs. This Arena is targeted to senior high students but open to the entire church family 

Teachers: Myson Mosemann, Russ Allen, Coleman Rafferty, Jason Barthelemy
Senior High Room

Foster Care, the Church, and Me                                                                                     

Fatherlessness, Drug & Alcohol abuse, American family structure on the brink -what does it all have to do with Foster Care?  And where is the Church?  What does the Bible say about God’s heart for orphans and His plan for using the Church to care for them? Come see what the Holy Spirit is doing in the hearts of His people on behalf of kids from hard places!

Teachers: Ryan & Katie Keith, Andy & Rebecca Orlovsky, Tim & Laurel Kautzmann, Dan Spino
Room 215

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