Fellowship Groups

Groups that meet on Sunday

Fellowship Groups … vary in size (20-65) and composition (young adults, older adults, multigenerational, etc.), and meet Sunday mornings either at 9:00 AM or 10:45 AM. The focus is on learning and exploring how the Bible could and should shape our lives individually and together. Choose a group below by time or interest and simply show up or call the contact person who will be glad to be your host.

9:00 AM Groups

Target: Late 20’s – 30’s
Location: Room 200
Teachers: Dave Hiester, Zach Cheese, Ty Miller and Joel Ewer
Contacts: Ty Miller 443-5963 or Erica Cheese 798-5220
The group’s desire and mission is to love God by loving others. The name SixTen comes from Hebrews 6:10: “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

True North
Target: 30’s
Location: Room 224
Ken Thompson, 379-2777, Chad Hunsberger, 503-2396 or Christine Valentine 798-3630
True North is a community linking around Jesus Christ — that fixed point by which we navigate our way through life. Join them as they explore His Word and commit themselves to one another.

Target: 18+ years
Location: Room 212-214
Contact: Dave Zimmerman; 620-2330, X112
The A-Team is called by God to minister to the spiritual and relational needs of intellectually disabled adults. A-Team also has an outreach mission to teach others of simplicity and joy of faith.

Target: Primarily 60+
Location: Room 204
Teachers: Various
Contact: Gene and Emily Chase, 766-7904
This lively group mixes reaching out with a healthy amount of participation.

Target: 40-60s+
Location: Room 235
Contact: Scott Dunwoody, 697-3272
Friendly, caring, and eager to apply God’s Word to life challenges, LifeBuilders demonstrates their faith through tangible service to those in need.

Target: Multigenerational
Location: Room 141
Teacher: Dale Bluman
Contacts: Susan Stallings, 697-9399 or Dale Bluman, 249-1141, Group Website
Cornerstone combines prayer, in-depth studies of Scripture, and laughter to form strong bonds with each other.

10:45 AM Groups
Authentic Living
Location: Gym Stage
Teachers: Brent Wolgemuth and Jim Cole
Contact: Brent and Jenice Wolgemuth, 795-8170
Comprising adults of all ages, the members of the Authentic Living group are striving to live authentic, Biblical Christianity in community with one another.

Location: Room 215
Contact: Dave Balinski, 732-1180
Welcoming everyone who wants to experience spiritual growth in the Vine: our Lord Jesus Christ. Caring for one another as we study His Word; sharing our needs in prayer and becoming more fruitful in service to the church and the world.

Family Circle
Location: Room 224
Teacher: Joel Brosius, Rob Pepper, Mark Clendaniel
Contact: Bryan Hoover, 599-1010
Family Circle is an active and welcoming community of parents. We study Scripture, encourage one another, and celebrate life together in and out of the classroom.

Location: Room 141
Teachers: Jim & Nancy Makowski
Contact: Jim and Nancy Makowski, 766-6046
This multigenerational class welcomes you to join them as they share their lives, pray, and learn more about God’s love on the journey through the crossroads of life.

Target: Young and older adults
Location: Room 235
Teachers: Mark Blanchard, Eric Nesbit
Contact: Mark Blanchard or Renee Blanchard, 486-4815
The members of Koinonia support individual and corporate growth through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

Location: Room 200
Leaders: John and Terry Nesbitt with the LOGOS leadership team
Contact: John and Terry Nesbitt, 379-0226
LOGOS is a welcoming, multigenerational group whose desire is to build community and transform lives by following the living Word (Christ) and studying the written word (Bible) together.