Membership Dues

What You Receive and Why Dues Are Important

Ah, MOPS. The lovely Thursday mornings where you get to drop your sweet child(ren) with trained childcare workers, eat a real breakfast without interruptions, have a conversation longer than 48 seconds and be refreshed with encouraging information. We love the time at MOPS and MOMSnext, but sometimes when we are looking at our budget every line item is under review. Well, if you are wondering where all that hard-earned money goes, here’s your answer.

For your membership dues cost, you receive:
-High-quality child care and MOP KIDS designed, age-appropriate lessons provided by trained, supervised, caring college-aged students
-Consistent, encouraging, bi-weekly MOPS/MOMSnext meetings with hand-selected table-mates, trained and supported table leaders and Mentor Moms
-Specially chosen topics and speakers, individualized for specifically for our group
-Beautiful, welcoming atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and wanted
-Delicious breakfast buffet (paper goods, hot beverages, condiments, etc.)
-Facility costs – heating, cooling, electricity
-Custodial services for our meeting room, hallways, and 16+ childcare rooms used
-Closed Facebook community with encouraging posts, play date info, community event info, not to mention the wealth of “mom wisdom” that’s shared
-Events reminder emails from our local MOPS group
-M magazine
-Weekly emails with articles, tips, and more from MOPS International
-Discounts and music downloads
-Postcards and prints that match our theme
-A special benefit from Brightpeak Financial
-MOPS International website and Facebook pages
-Birthday, New Baby, and Expectant Mother gifts
-Promotion to the community so new moms can find us (posters, business cards, post cards, etc.)
-And MORE!

Amazing, I know! It makes you want to pay your dues all over again, right?! (Just kidding. But we do accept donations to help other moms receive scholarships, if you’re interested.)

Dues are broken into two parts: MOPS International dues and our local MOPS dues.
International Dues – International dues are $32/year. You receive all the goodies from MOPS.  This also ensures that our MOPS/MOMSnext groups are able to use the MOPS theme, resources, and we’re officially affiliated.
Local Dues – These vary depending on the  group.
Our group charges $50/Fall Semester and $50/Spring Semester.

What do your dues cover?
Mainly child care. You pay our local MOPS group about $3.85/hour for child care each meeting. (After subtracting MOPS International dues) Since we pay our college-aged, trained child care workers minimum wage or a little better, there isn’t a lot left over. We subsidize the rest through fundraisers like SCRIPS.

With all that noted, sometimes budgets are tight. Our MOPS group is glad to work with you because we want you here. Scholarships and other options are available. Learn more from our Finance Coordinator, Karen Smith.
If you are interested in donating to help other moms afford MOPS, please contact our Finance Coordinator, Karen Smith, or  Lisa Dunlap.

More than 75% of your dues go to offsetting child care. Providing quality child care is important to us and to you! The rest of dues income covers scholarships, meeting expenses, and more.

MOPS is a non-profit ministry of West Shore Free Church.