Membership at West Shore Free Church

Before we go too far, we want you to first know that membership is something that we take seriously. There are expectations that we have of our members – not to take from you, but to see God at work in and through you! We encourage you to engage with the materials and teachings during our time together and honestly answer the questions throughout our class. There will be things that we long for on your behalf to see you thrive, as I am sure there are things that you long for in your church home.

Learn about the Evangelical Free Church of America, the heart behind West Shore Free Church’s mission and values and expectations of a member. Our goal is to see you flourish and to experience all that God has for you! And if you feel prompted, to see you become a member at West Shore Free Church and join us on our mission to Seek the Good of the West Shore and beyond, through deep truth, deep lives, and deep love, all for the Glory of Christ.

Begin the Membership Process 

One-Day Course: Sat, April 10 @ 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Onsite)