Men’s Retreat

Men’s Retreat | March 6 – 8
Jesus In & Among Us

Come together and focus on the life of Jesus among people and look at how Jesus interacts with the world around him. We welcome our speaker, Darren Carlson, to share Gospel passages and stories from his global travels to show us Christ’s on-going work around the world. Come experience a fresh encounter with Jesus!

Maybe the best thing about the Men’s Retreat, year to year, is that it doesn’t change much! You can continue to count on good food, good lodging, a good and Christ-honoring program of worship services and recreational activities … and good, gracious men to welcome you into a safe place for a few restful, reflective and redemptive days. Darren has been with us in the past and we are excited to welcome him back!


Darren is the President of Training Leaders International, which he founded in 2009, and now serves with a staff of over 50 people serving around the world, providing theological training in underserved and undertrained areas. Darren holds two masters from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a PhD from the London School of Theology.
You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.
Darren narrated the documentary Jesus in Athens which was shown at our October men’s breakfast.