Seeking the Good

Seeking the Good

We desire to equip you to seek the good of the West Shore & beyond for the glory of Christ. Along the way, we can serve one another and have fun doing it! We understand that being indoors can be stressful for many, so we hope the list below helps you love well and enjoy the waiting.

The first being in with the Ecumenical Food Pantry in Harrisburg. It is the largest food pantry in Harrisburg. With their median volunteer age of over 75, all so faithful yet many cannot serve at this time, our church and New Hope Ministries have a wonderful opportunity to help ensure that hundreds of families in Harrisburg have the food resources they need. Most of the guests served are walk-up guests, but all precautions are being taken and it’s a no-contact exchange.

Second, we’ve agreed to supply New Hope Ministries in Mechanicsburg with volunteers to help with their drive-through food distribution to their guests, where volunteers will shop for food and place the food in trunks of vehicles. All precautions are being taken to ensure no physical contact.

The Governor has granted an exception to the “stay at home” order specifically for food pantries so they can continue to serve our most vulnerable neighbors.

Through this collective effort, we will be able to feed about 2,000 families each month! We invite you to consider partnering with us in this way as we seek the good of the west shore and beyond for the glory of Christ. 

Sign up to Serve!

Ecumenical Food Pantry in Harrisburg
50 volunteer slots each week needed 
March 30-April 3 

Due to the changing dynamics of COVID-19, we are working with the Ecumenical Food Pantry to the process of changing sign-ups, which will be reposted again in the next few days.

More information including specific age requirements can be found in the links.

New Hope Ministries Mechanicsburg
40 volunteer slots each week needed 
March 30- April 3
April 6- April 10 
April 13- April 17
More information including specific age requirements can be found in the links.

Specialty Ask

If you are a contractor, plumber, painter, sewer, etc., we are calling for donations of N95 masks and particle/dust masks. Learn more about this growing need, as identified by the CDC.

Daily Challenge

For those unable to volunteer in this way at this time, please know that every week day (M-F), we’ll continue to post 3 things: a service idea, a fun activity, and a short devotional/testimony.

p.s. What ideas do you have for service, fun activities, or questions you’d love for our staff to answer? Let us know at Feel free to share photos or videos of you or your family engaging, with ideas for others to pursue, too. Who knows? You may see your idea on this list in the future!