Seeking the Good

Our mission as a church calls us to seek the good of the West Shore & beyond through deep truths, deep lives, and deep love for the glory of Christ. We need to know what we are looking for and know how we should go about seeking the good. As a whole body, we have opportunities to collectively respond to challenges facing our neighbors that would be impossible to do on our own. Yet, each of us has time, talent, and treasure to steward uniquely, as the Lord leads. Whether our whole body or each person within that body, we all should seek the good for the glory of Christ.

This page is designed to equip you with daily devotionals, guidance on how we can collectively address community-wide challenges, as well as your own neighbors, and encouragement through stories shared.

Devotional to Equip You

Collective Call to Action   |   Food Insecurity

We all want to do something to help, but how do we seek the good with wisdom and generosity? In times of a crisis, collaboration and communication become even more important. Through our strong relationship with New Hope Ministries, they approached us with a need to help address immediate food insecurity and financial vulnerability long-term around our region for 2,000+ families. We invite all of you to help with that through 3 service opportunities:

Ecumenical Food Pantry is the largest food pantry in Harrisburg, providing meals to 750 families each month. This is being supported by New Hope during COVID-19.
New Hope Ministries’ Mechanicsburg location is distributing food and offering financial assistance, including housing support, among other services.
Central PA Food Bank, which supplies food for these 2 locations and 400+ around PA.

In addition to volunteering, New Hope Ministries has also asked us to collect personal items. Click the link below for the list and how to donate these. Thank you!

Our partnership with New Hope is not only supplying them with 90+ people a week to serve but more importantly allows them to minister to 2,000+ families each month, provides food for the region, and frees up their other volunteers and staff to address long-term financial insecurity with guests.

Please note that the Governor has granted an exception to the “stay at home” order specifically for food pantries so they can continue to serve our most vulnerable neighbors.

Seek the Good Individually

We invite you to prayerfully consider giving God the best of your time, talent, and treasure. As you consider what God is inviting you into, seek to be generous and wise in this season of need.

Every person has their version of 2 fishes and loaves. What are you willing to offer up to God?
Stories we’ve heard so far include people making masks, feeding foster families through take-out, cutting lawns of healthcare workers, sending cards to nursing homes, and many more.

We invite you to share the stories of what you are seeing bring life to you and our community by sending them to, as we encourage and equip one another to seek the good of the West Shore & beyond…for the glory of Christ.