Trent ThompsonSenior Pastor
The most important thing to know about Trent (and the thing of which he is constantly reminding himself), is that He is loved by God because of Christ. He came to this understanding at a relatively young age thanks in large part to faithful parents and a sister who liked to pretend she was his parent.

But if you’re interested in some of the secondary details, Trent grew up in Dallas which means that most of his formative experiences revolved around heat, bbq, and the Cowboys (not necessarily in that order). He spent a lot of time playing sports, mostly basketball, which is unfortunate because he is neither exceedingly quick or tall. He went to school at Texas A&M University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and then moved to Austin where he met his wife, had two girls, and got to tell people about Jesus with some of the best friends and teammates he could have ever hoped for. Trent and Amanda are excited to now be in Central PA and to follow Christ with the people of West Shore Free.  They have also welcomed a son to their family since moving to PA.

Church Wide Strategies

Tim Ryan, Executive Pastor

George Romanacce, Worship Pastor
Chris Parliament, Technical Manager
Leah McMaster, Worship Coordinator

Dan Spino, Belong Pastor
Ken Thompson, Care Pastor
Nate Baum, Ministry Resident
Jess Mauchamer, Belong Coordinator

Nate Winters, Marriage & Men’s Ministry Pastor
Cyndi Alioth, Women’s Ministry Coordinator
Marilyn Lesko, Marriage & Men’s Ministry Coordinator

Ian C., Multiply Pastor
Ryan Keith, Strategic Initiatives Pastor
Dave Zimmerman, Disabilities Pastor
Renée Blanchard, Multiply & Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
Sam Brenize, Missions Associate

Student Ministry

Russ Allen, Student Ministries Pastor
Quay San, Junior High Director
April Forster, Ministry Support

Children's Ministry

Terry Allison, Children’s Ministry Pastor
Amy Underkoffler, Education Ministry Associate
Stacy Masshardt, Nursery Coordinator
Kristin Pepper, Preschool Coordinator
Tifany Banks, Elementary & Outreach Coordinator
Emily Tuschak, Special Needs Coordinator
Alesha Campbell, Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Dunlap, Ministry Coordinator


Ned Davis, Church Administrator

Nicole Gash, Controller
Andra Haverstock, Accounting Assistant
Scott Fickes, Accounting Assistant

April Forster, Office Coordinator
Jess Mauchamer, Administrative Coordinator
Lisa Gregory, Librarian
Keribeth McCartney, Receptionist
Christine Faro, Childcare Coordinator
Lori Clark, Database & Background Check Coordinator

IT & Communication
Mike Baker, IT Manager
Candy Feister, Web Technician
Kelly Gordon, Communication Associate
Ken Keck, Network Administrator

Steve Lockwood, Campus Operations Manager
Russ Bechtel, Food Services
Amy Shea, Resource Coordinator

Russ Dingeldein, Coffee Central
Vicki Shalis, Coffee Central
Jason Cornacchio, Maintenance
Rusty Koch, Maintenance

Custodial Team
Jim Bohner, Custodial Supervisor
Zach Davis
Isaac Feister
Jonathan Gerber
Eugene Griffith
John Holder  
Paul Mank