Stories | Week of 24

Signing & Spreading Joy

I conduct a choir comprised of persons with Alzheimer’s/Dementia when life is “normal.” Since these folks are required to stay home, my kids and I decided to take a sing-a-long on the road for them. We showed up in their driveways to sing (and play) some of their favorite songs for them to sing along with us. It was very casual (see pic) but such a blessing to us!


Trail Life invited all families to enjoy the meaningful time that can be spent during a campout in the comfort of your home: sing songs, cook over fires, tell stories, and other fun activities that your family enjoys. Some families enjoyed their “camp-in” last weekend, but this can be implemented at any time for a way to connect with each other in a different way!

Innovative Mask Making

One person in our church family has made more than 400 cloth masks for healthcare workers and emergency responders. When elastic supplies ran out at local stores she got creative and has been using everything from shoelaces, to strips of T-shirts to make tie masks. She also found a creative idea online that quickly fashioned masks using paperclips and rubber bands and gave it a try, asking a friend to test them out. (She was wise and only made 30 at first.) Unfortunately, they didn’t hold up through sterilization like the sewed masks, so she went right back to the longer process of sewing without complaint and had another donation ready in a matter of days. She is a true servant!

We know many are making masks and sacrificing their time and gifts! We are so grateful to see you living out the call of seeking the good with your talents. 

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