Frequently asked questions about West Shore Free Church…

We’re so glad to have you here. We know that coming to a new church can be both exciting and overwhelming. In hopes of making your transition in to West Shore “culture” a smooth one, we’ve created this page to help clarify some of the commonly used phrases.

If you need additional clarification, please call the church office at (717) 697-0226 OR explore other areas of this website.

To what are people referring to when they say “West Shore?”
West Shore is an abbreviated form of West Shore Free Church. It’s easier than saying the whole name, and not as hard to say as an abbreviation. Our church goes by West Shore Free Church!

Does the church provide services for those with special needs?
Begun in 1984, the A-Team is the church’s ministry to people with cognitive and multiple disabilities. It was called the A-Team by its original members, a name that in many ways reflects the group’s ability to triumph in the midst of life’s challenges, just like their TV namesake. It meets on Sundays at 9:00 AM. For information contact Dave Zimmerman. Sign language interpreters are available; please contact the church office for details.

What is What’s Happening?
It is a weekly information bulletin available in service or emailed to you weekly.  It is our way of communicating activities and opportunities happening at the church!

Is Coffee Central a place to get coffee? I certainly hope so!
Yes, it is! Enjoy fresh coffee, tea or seasonal drink at Coffee Central. Located to the left of the auditorium upstairs, Coffee Central is open Sunday mornings and also for special events.

What are LifeGroups?
LifeGroups at West Shore Free Church are the primary place to belong and be known. Comprised of 6 – 10 people, LifeGroup members grow together in a deeper relationship with Christ,  commit to meet together regularly and study God’s Word. Read more about LifeGroups. 

Awesome Adventure? Is that an outdoor activity?
It is our wonderful children’s ministry! It is called Awesome Adventure because we believe this term accurately captures what the ministry strives to do – show children what an awesome adventure it is to follow God! Awesome Adventure incorporates infants through 6th graders. Contact Pastor Terry Allison at tallison@westshorefree.org for more details.

What is that fun-looking Tiki Hut all about?
The Tiki Hut is the main Awesome Adventure information desk and is located on the lower level. The Tiki Hut does indeed look like a tiki hut, as an integral part of the children’s ministry’s jungle theme. You’ll find the jungle theme carried out throughout the children’s areas, designed to create a fun and inviting atmosphere for all children.

Tell me about your Vacation Bible School (VBS).
This is a kids’ week-long church event. Held in the evening Monday through Friday, one week during the summer, VBS is a time when kids and their friends are invited to enjoy games, crafts, songs, skits, and stories as they learn more about Jesus. Your children will love this exciting week and leave knowing more about God and His love for them.

Please tell me about MOPS.
Mothers of Preschoolers is a nationally known group is for mothers of infants through preschoolers. MOPS meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month for a time of encouragement, discussion, and learning. Read more about MOPS.


How do I find out about weather-related cancellations?
In the event of severe weather, cancellations will be posted on:

  1. Church home page
  2. Church automated voice mail attendant – (717.620.2330) Option 6
  3. Sundays when the First Service is canceled that also includes the cancellation of all classes and programs prior to the Second Service. “Second Service” fellowship groups each make their own decision regarding meeting when First Service is canceled.