Stories | Week of April 12

Connecting with Neighbors

A couple weeks ago we were having a conversation with our friends from across the street of their house while we were out for a family walk for some fresh air. We all agree that we missed being able to spend time with friends and family in person so we came up with the idea of having dinner “together” from across the street. 

So the next week we brought our own dinner and sat on their neighbor’s curb (with permission). The kids enjoyed cheering for people as they walked, biked, or drove past like we were watching a parade. After eating we let the kids ride bikes on opposite sidewalks to get some energy out. I think they had more fun with this unique get-together than a “normal” one! 

Using Your Gifts & Resources

Matthew really enjoys creating with his 3D printer. He has made some pretty cool things, but he most enjoys making gifts for other people. He saw the idea for ear guards and decided to give it a go. Within a few hours, he and his friend were discussing their projects and a friendly challenge was created and donating them to healthcare workers. 

Meaningful Family Time

One family with teenage boys took this time to encourage creativity through cooking. Each child had the opportunity to cook dinner for the whole family & read below how it impacted their week! 

We (all) loved doing it. I enjoyed seeing their different personalities become so evident in their meal prep and execution. Some more methodical and following the recipe thoroughly, some a little less concerned about exact measurements or clean countertops. All the meals were DELICIOUS, and everyone was complimentary of each other. 

We had a great time sitting down at the table together to eat each meal and reminiscing about the days we used to have more time to sit down to meals together. We were also able to make the most of that time of togetherness to talk through some of the disappointment in this season as well as the ways we were able to see God at work. Quarantine in the midst of COVID-19 has definitely had its challenge, and at times, we have been sad about the things we are missing out on. so, adding some creativity to what could easily be the “same ol’ routine” has added a little color and flavor to our bland diet of repetition and has allowed us to savor the gift of togetherness.